Compass Necklace Set

Couples that travel together stay together. Perfect for those always out seeing and conquering the world together.

She Believed So She Did Necklace

Celebrate her accomplishments with her this season. She is the love of your life and your best friend. This would be perfect for her when she achieves her dreams.

Deer Heart Necklace Set

For those who are deer to us and couples who are in love with deer and the early Christmas spirit.

“Coin Cut” Horse Necklace Set

For when you can’t stop horsing around and know someone else who’s just like you. Get this awesome keepsake for people who love horses.

Buck and Doe Deer Necklace Set

No this is not Rudolph the red nose Reindeer but it’s still awesome. The deer form a heart while kissing 😘 (probably under the mistletoe).

Crazy Feng Necklace Set

The craziness of love can only be understood by the ones in it. What do you see, a heart? A couple of horses? Flaming dragons?